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All things for humanitarian assistance that our parishioners and friends (Olena Oleschuk LenczukMariya KurpitaMary Bondar  and others) gathered together during the winter holidays have arrived in their place of destination.
Conveys sincere gratitude to Bishop Serhii of Mariupol, to all who contributed to the collection in Ukraine is very necessary things!


Сергій Горобцов:

I want to express my gratitude to our friends from the United States, the community of the Holy Ascension of the UOC KP and  Наталі Гольчук, who are constantly helping the East. And this time for the forced migrants, invalids and other needy Mrs. Natalia sent diapers, crutches, rollers, infant formula, many toys and children’s clothes. Our priest  Сергей Талдонов, who serves in the hospital in Mariupol, has donated this assistance to the city hospital. Medical staff and patients are very grateful for this kind of help. Also, our priest handed over medicines for settlers and socially unprotected people who were transferred to Gulya Pogotova and  Valerija Dmitrieva-Moskvitina. God grant all donors of good abundance and good health !!!



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