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Video with Michael’s Cathedral in Kiev, where students rest after the beating and dispersal of EuroMaidan. This video was filmed on the night of 1 to 2 December. For the second night in a row, after overclocking EuroMaidan at dawn on November 30, in St. Michael’s Cathedral of the monastery, people are tallying. In the […] Read more...

When the hunger began, Peter Velechko ate grain meant for horses. When the horses died, he ate horse meat. When the meat was gone, he clawed the farmers’ fields with his hands and ate the seeds. When the seeds were gone, he found the holes of field mice and ate their stores of grain. VIOREL […] Read more...

Along with His Holiness Patriarch Filaret, the local branches of the Ukrainian-American Youth Association and the Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization prayed for the victims of the Holodomor. The Mayor of the City of Clifton also paid his respects during the memorial service. Read more...

Today, the annual general meeting has taken place. Church officials and parishioners gathered after DIVINE discuss and vote on the chief topics Parish. The meeting decided that the Church’s Executive Board would remain under the chairmanship, Ivan Migalko, and the Deputy, Volodymyr Moguchiy. Read more...

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