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Parishioners and friends of our church have been collecting humanitarian aid for needy children, the veterans and the elderly in Ukraine for several consecutive months.

This month was no exception, everyone and then attached to charity. We jointly managed to collect four packages that we sent today through the Dnipro company, which always makes us big discounts for sending humanitarian aid.

This time we have collected toys, clothes for children and adults, many sweets (which will make the lives of people in the nursing home and children in the rehab center), diapers for multiple and disposable use, medical linen, crutches.

These things were sorted into places where they needed: the House of Mercy, the Rehabilitation Center for Children Deprived of Parental Care; Odigitrya Charitable Foundation, which cares for prisoners; and for targeted assistance to people with disabilities and low income.

Very grateful to all the families who are joining a good cause. Together doing good is easy! (Nila Chejlyk,  Kristina Tina,  Андрій Рівний (Andriy Rivnyy)Bogdana KurtaMaria Keniuk and others).

And yet, I would like to delight in the fact that our gifts were sent in the months of January, already at their places of destination and bring joy and benefit all who use them..

Ми надсилали посилки у Благодійний фонд «Я Майбутнє України», і усі кому цікаво побачити свої речі у користуванні українських діток, можуть це зробити у групі звітів, цього Фонду: Я Майбутнє України  https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2119278751628877&id=1726036390953117

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