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We continue to inform about the charity that our parish carries out.

One of the recipients of the humanitarian aid is Kirovohrad Oblast Social Psychological Rehabilitation Center for Children, for which parishioners regularly collect clothes, toys, sweets, personal hygiene products.

Our previous transfer kids were delighted by the special! Childrens from Holy Ascension Sunday School, with parents gave very good quality toys and clothes. Each child was able to choose a toy for himself. According to the volunteer who helps us to track the situation: «Children have never seen this! “, as well as a social center worker, assured that all the things the children received from us as a gift can be taken away with them when they leave the rehabilitation center.

In this Center are kids from all over the region who find themselves in difficult circumstances, deprived of parental care. Children from 3 to 18 years old. These groups are stationary, and there is another day group – these are children who come to counsel with psychologists. There are children temporarily – 9 months, while the issue of their further placement is being solved. Priority is given to foster families, not to boarding schools.

Almost all children from disadvantaged families. The Children’s Service removes such children from their families if their presence threatens their life and health. For the direction of the Service or the Police Order (if they were abducted if they begged), they get to the Center. Work in the Center, in addition to the administration, educators, psychologists, lawyers, service staff. Children by age go to school, accompanied by a social teacher. Of course, the Center itself provides children with meals: breakfast, lunch, midday, dinner. If possible, hygiene products, clothes, bed linen, stationery.

Children do not have enough school supplies, pencils, pens, backpacks. Scarves, shampoos, toothpastes, and brushes are always needed. Children of the younger group enjoy coloring, need books. Often clothes and shoes in which children get to the rehab center is thrown out because it is not fit for use. It happens that children arrive in the summer, but they leave in winter, they need to provide them with clothes.

The conditions of the children’s stay are satisfactory. The center also has doctors and doctors and nurses. The center is warm.

There is also a Sunday School where children study the Bible. Here, indifferent people come to them every week.

All those who are not indifferent to the fate of children from the Rehabilitation Center can join in gathering the necessary things.


Posted by volunteer Oksana Chervonaya

“Today was dismantled parcel of our American friends. Wonderful toy, children’s clothes, books, sweets for our children from the Center for social rehabilitation.
In a few days I will show you photos of shining smiles of the little ones.
Наталія Гольчук thank you and all the parishioners of your church for constant support! I dream that in Ukraine there will be such times when there will be no needy children. Thank you!!!”

“If you could make one child happy in the world at least for a brief moment, you are already living well. Thank you Наталія Гольчук and parishioners of your church, you are real magicians!
Children and educators of the Rehabilitation Center made a real photo session for you)
Your gifts have crossed the path through the ocean and half the globe to make the world of these kids a little brighter! “

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