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When it seems that people are cruel and unjust to you, look at these pictures. For each photo is the story of the lives of wonderful people.

Sometimes we let ourselves forget how beautiful the world is. This does not mean that the problems we encounter every day are not important. Sometimes we just need a bit of a break. A reminder that something else is of more importance. That we might be more like our loving Creator.

The photos will definitely bring a smile on your face, but they can also make you cry a little. But it will only be a show of happiness. Most importantly, we hope that they will inspire you to see more good things in the world and be of benefit to you.

1. Every day, this man brings water to the animals to save them from drought.

2. Every night, a lonely man from Dublin prepares 50 servings of curries (an Indian-style dish) for the homeless. He lives on his retirement (pension) and pays for the food, containers and everything on his own.

3. Firefighters from Arizona put out a fire in a building in Mexico.

4. The program “Breakfast with Dad” was launched at this school, but many students do not have parents. The school administration posted a message on Facebook, looking for 50 male volunteers. 600 people responded to the announcement.

5. A former patient, paralyzed from the waist down, came to visit her nurse in the hospital.

6. During the summer, this woman always comes to read books at this supermarket, so the staff placed a bench for her.

7. Athlete Cameron Lyle registered as a bone marrow donator and forgot about it. He was called a month before the championship. He refused the chance for a medal and instead agreed to an operation to help an unknown person defeat leukemia.

8. 5 years ago, a drug addict stole a purse with money from a passerby. After treatment, he found the address of the person, returned the stolen money and wrote a letter of apology.

9. This school teacher is a big fan of the band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, but had never been to one of their concerts. The students got together and gave him a ticket to see one of his favorite bands.

10. An elderly man suffered a heart attack when he cleaned the road near the house. The paramedics took him to the hospital, and then turned back and finished clearing the path.

11. A firefighter who rescued a child from a burning house, was invited to her graduation 17 years later.

12. An announcement on the door of the restaurant: “To the man who digs in our trash in search of food.

You’re a man and worth more than food from garbage cans. Please come to the restaurant’s office and we will give you a sandwich, vegetables and a glass of water for free. We will not ask you anything. Your friend, the restaurant owner.

13. This man runs the triathlon every year and crossed the finish line with his 13-year-old daughter, who has cerebral palsy.

14. This elderly man was called to the army during the Second World War and was unable to finish school. At 98, he finally did it.

15. In 1998, officer Peter Getz saved this girl during a fire. In 2016 he came to congratulate her on graduating from college.

16. A 92-year-old man is drawing a card for his wife.

17. This college professor learned that the babysitter of one of his students could not get out work and the woman had to take her four-month daughter to classes. The baby began to cry, so the professor did what a father would do. He does this during many lectures!

18. An Australian paramedic helps a dying person fulfill his dream of seeing the sea.

19. 94-year-old Keith Davison, left alone after the death of her wife, built a pool for all neighboring children.

20. After months in the hospital, this grandfather was finally transferred to a ward where he could look out the window. His grandson wanted this to be the first thing he would see when he woke up.

(Inscription on the building: “Good Morning, Grandfather”)


Marija Bern – Bored Panda

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