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This meeting, the Episcopal Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops, should dispel any doubt as to the non-existence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of USA.

Dear brothers and sisters, these are facts displayed not on our web site but on the web sites of (please take a look): the Moscow Patriarchate, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of USA.

For over three generations we have contributed to UOC of USA, despite our parents’ and grand parents’ meager subsistence; yet we managed to acquire a piece of land, our South Bound Brook, so that we could claim something of our own in Diaspora.  Now it has been stolen from us.

If you are still supporting the “Ukrainian” bishops of UOC USA, then please stop to think for a moment: is this what our parents and grand parents wanted?

Don’t be outraged by this theft or go on demonstrations or write fiery letters, just simply stop payments to the Bishops. Save your money or donate it to a good cause, but do not support the very people that have desecrated our forefathers and The Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church.


development - priest Oleksii Holchuk