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In just two months, February and March, we collected and sent 12 heavy packages to various regions in Ukraine.

Our parish, Holy Ascension, collected clothes, shoes, toys, bed linens, blankets, personal hygiene products, diapers for children and adults, candy, etc.

The packages are distributed among our regular friends and dependents: a children’s home in the city of Kropivnitsky (for children ages 3 to 18 years old); Donetsk region, Mariupol (Donetsk Diocese, which cares for refugees and the elderly), Pokrovsk (rector Oleksandr Soldatenko’s newly formed parish); Honorable Volunteer of Ukraine, Oksana Chervonaya, (constantly taking care of military affairs); volunteer Martha Levchenko (cares for families with children living below the poverty line, and also the founder of “City of Good,” for homeless mothers and children).

Everything we sent in January has already been delivered to their proper destinations a well as to those in need, who very much awaited our help. At the initiative of volunteer Oksana Chervonaya, all items for newborns were distributed among the soldiers who just became parents. According to Oksana, there is now a “baby boom” in the military.

We believe that in helping the military and their families, we help our country. Our duty is to take care of our heroes, who, in their lives, are battling our country from the Russian aggressor.

The Society for the Blind (UTOS Novovolynsk), and the NGO “The World for Children”, which brings together families of children with special needs, also received assistance from us. Thanks to our parishioners, Alina and Yuriy Byurak, USA-made vitamins and anti-inflammatory drugs were donated for children with disabilities, and for infants of orphanages.

Our charitable work is constantly inspired by the good deeds of the parishioners and their families. Due to the donations of the Bakalets family and Mrs. Theodore, plumbing was purchased for the children’s home, which has long been out of order at this institution.

We sincerely thank everyone who joins our community and becomes a part of this great work for our country; as many who live in Ukraine are unable to provide for themselves or their loved ones with such basic needs as clothes or shoes or hygiene products.

We invite everyone to join in this charity! In Ukraine, people with disabilities are most in need. They are in need of diapers for adults and children and hygiene products. Children in the orphanage are constantly dreaming about new toys, care products, candies, chocolate, vitamins. They come to the establishment already exhausted and feel very abandoned. There is a constant need for shoes, as children grow very quickly!


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