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During the Pachal period, Holy Ascension Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Clifton continued its work in collecting humanitarian aid. It is very important that more people become involved and join our initiative.

Thanks to all who care, we were able to collect 6 packages for Ukraine again.

This time, a large number of much-needed equipment was sent – crutches, walkers, canes. It is also important that we send diapers, hygiene products and baby food.

As always, the children living in the social center, who are deprived of parental care, will receive the most help. For them, we constantly provide clothing, footwear, toys, hygiene products, sweets, books, etc.

Another area of assistance is the families of servicemen. In the United States, the phenomenon of helping its veterans is widespread. We are taking small steps in this direction, by helping the families of those who defend Ukraine. According to volunteers, in our military, there is a real “baby boom”, so for them, our parish collects the best toys, clothes, shoes, and means for caring for babies. For that, our military is very grateful and asked to convey their words of gratitude to everyone who helps them.

We also try to help the front-line zone. Through the parish of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, we render assistance to those who live near war zones.


As long as we collect items and prepare our parcels, preliminary packages usually arrive at their destinations. We keep in touch with the volunteers, educators, and priests who are the involved in the continuation of our mission in Ukraine. We constantly receive photos from them, which testifies to the fact that our items fall into the hands of those whom they are assigned to.

As always – there are words of gratitude and joyful smiles from the pupils of the rehabilitation center. For them, it has already become a tradition to receive gifts from us. These children are always asking for help from educators or friends from the United States, and for gifts, of course. After all, as a rule, most of these children had never seen toys or had nice clothing and footwear, and had not been given a formal education nor proper care. For them, we collect clothes, shoes, toys, sweets, stationery, bags, briefcases, hygiene products.

This time, through the priests of the Kirovohrad diocese, gifts were given to children in tuberculosis facilities. Many children and families in this institution need our support and assistance.

Also, we have helped families of children with disabilities. We try, if possible, to send them diapers of various sizes, vitamins, medications and other necessary provisions. There is a great need for specialized (pediatric) wheelchairs and other goods that facilitate the rehabilitation or care of such children.

We sincerely thank you for responding and supporting our initiative. Jointly, we changing this imperfect world for the better!

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