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Unfortunately, the period of holidays anticipated so much is coming to its end. We’ve caroled, made many visits to each other to celebrate the holidays, drank holy water and made a stock of it for the whole year, sprinkled our homes. And now there is just a bunch of good positive memories and emotions left by the holidays.

The Holy Ascension community celebrates the shared Holy Epiphany Eve dinner on the 18th of January in the most solemn way.

Our hospitable women led by Iryna Sukha have cooked a tasty lenten dinner. The small ones and the adult community members have prepared an interesting entertaining program for our numerous guests gathered at our holiday.

The Sunday School students together with their parents were performing a Vertep based on M.Gogol’s famous novel “Christmas Eve”. Our children did their best to pass the mood and the positive emotions on the audience, and everybody present at the hall were responding with their good emotions and applause.

We express our sincere gratitude to the participants of the children Vertep and to the people helping in organizing:

Narrator  – Oksana Semyrozum; Assistant – Oksana Danchenko;  Scenario and staging – Natalia Holchuk.

ChildrenSoloha – Margaryta Holchuk, Sexton – Віталій Сухий, Small devil – Anastasia Sylchuk,  Kozaks: Ernest Pachenko, Max Chornyak, Oleksii Holchuk;  Star carrier  – Vasyl’ Kulmatytsckyj;  Carol singers: Daryna Erdogan, Olena Kurpita, Christyna Vepryk, Tetyana and Kamila Panchenko, Tetyana Buchynska, Sofiya Danchenko,  Angelina Vepryk; Small shepherdess –  Illya Vepryk.

But a real gift for everybody was the Vertep performed by the adults. For the second year in a row our Holy Ascension community presents to the audience a Vertep “with a twist” written by a famous Ukrainian author, screenwriter and storyteller – Sashko Lirnyk. This year our team made our choice to work with the scenario written in 2010, which combined both the Christmas history and the realities of modern Ukraine. The actors perfectly conveyed the atmosphere, emotions and a good mood of the Vertep to everybody present.

Many thanks to our adult actors for their excellent acting (even Hollywood may envy our star cast):

The king Herod – everyone’s favorite Andriy Rivnyj

The Prosecutor – «upset by something today» – Roman Stasishin;

Benya, “call him Kobzon” – Bogdan Tabaka;

The shepherds, who grazed oxen and sheep:  Nataliya Berezovska,  Alina Bayurak and Valentyna Glushak;

Three glorious kings from IMF (International Monetary Fund) – Mykola Gajvanovich, Volodymyr and Oleg Voroshchuk;

Devils, who «will solve all sad topics without any problem» – Maryna Gavrylchuk  and Yurij Bayurak;

A brave UPA Soldier (Ukrainian nationalist partisan formation) – Myhajlo Vepryk;

A Donetsk Miner – Ivan Suhyj;

An Angel – herald – Inna Haplewhite;

The Death “who doesn’t scare us, but just looks for Herod” – Oksana Danchenko.

Our parish rector Oleksii Holchuk has put a lot of efforts for organizing, preparing and carrying out the holiday. Our prior’s ability to unite, to inspire, to organize and to “keep up with the times” has given a good result. We are also grateful to Chrystyna Nestoryak for her help with the adult Vertep’s staging.

Our holiday was brightened by singing of Angelina Vepryk and Olena Kurpita, also Christyna  Vepryk was playing the “New Joy” carol on the piano.

We’ve also got great help with the sound from Volodymyr Berezhnytckuj, a member of “Zorepad” (Starfall) band, our great positive caroling  from Mr. Mykhajlo was musically accompaniment with accordion playing from our church choir regent Myron Grytcyk.

And to share our holiday’s good memories with you below to your attention there are photos made by the head of our parish children art club – Christyna Posiko.



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