On Sundays, after the Liturgy is over, we have our Sunday school lessons for our little Christians. We give them the knowledge about Christ’s sermon, study stories from the Bible together. To make the lessons more interesting – we have interesting master classes dedicated to church holidays hold. Before the holiday of Candlemas (Presentation of […]

“Let the children come to Me and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these” said Jesus Christ to His disciples. (Matthew 19:14) The same way we also invite you to come worshiping together with your children. You should not be afraid or ashamed that your children are restless […]

We had an informative lesson today, which is called “master class” in a modern way – we were learning how to make and bake prosphora. Children were happy and glad to be actively involved in the whole process. They learned all the secrets of the process. During the class, we were talking about the prosphora’s […]

Every Sunday there are children who come to the church together with their parents. Usually, it is not always clear to the little ones and even to the elders what is happening in the church during the worshipping and why.  For children there are not understandable words they hear in prayers. That’s why for us […]

On March 24, an inclusive lesson was held for our Parish Sunday School on the topic: “All-all-all who are on this earth, we really need big and small!“. The lesson was for everyone, children and adults. Father Oleksii Holchuk, together with Mrs. Marina Gavrilchuk, held an event in which they talked about the “Children of […]

У Різдвяний період учні нашої Недільної школи не байдикували та не розслаблялись, а активно приймали участь у заняттях, підготовці, репетиціях та у святі – виступивши з вертепом 18 січня на спільній святій вечері. Під час зимових свят на уроках ми говорили з дітьми про Різдво, про значення вертепу та співу колядок, про те, що дітки, […]

Congratulations to the families of the Sunday School students who, on May 20, 2018, embarked on the first Confession and solemn Sacrament. On this day, 12 children came to our temple to the First Confession. Sincerely grateful to parents who raise their children in the Christian faith and Orthodox tradition!  

On May 20th, the solemn First Confession of the Sunday School students will be held in our Church. During the last few lessons, the children were taught this important step. Christ Is Risen! Children, we are still in the Paschal period. In the past lesson, we talked about Church Sacraments. Who remembers how many they […]

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