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Збережім Нашу Українську Православну Церкву

If you are new to Save Our Ukrainian Orthodox Church pages here is a brief Summary:

Following the death of Patriarch Mstyslav in 1993, Archbishop Antony [an Archbishop within the UOC-USA] was a candidate at the “Sobor” [conclave] of the Mother Church in Kyiv, Ukraine, to succeed him as Patriarch of the UOC-Ukraine. Archbishop Antony subsequently was unsuccessful in his candidacy, and shortly thereafter, together with his followers within the UOC-USA, despite Patriarch Mstyslav’s decree to remain independent (see video: Mstyslav Enthronement), clandestinely entered into contracts, and understandings with the Greek Patriarchate Church of Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey). Archbishop Antony and his followers eventually became hierarchs of the Greek Patriarchate Church and assumed Greek Bishop Titles.  The Greek Orthodox Church in Istanbul now claims that the UOC-USA is under its jurisdiction and that the diocese is no longer Autocephalous [i.e. independent] and all parish properties belong to the bishops.

Because Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Ascension members did not follow Archbishop Antony to the Greek Patriarchate in Istanbul, Archbishop Antony initiated a series of litigations against the Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Ascension Church in Clifton, NJ. Although the Supreme Court of New Jersey eventually sided with the parishioners of Holy Ascension against the Consistory of the UOC-USA, in 2007, the Consistory of the UOC-USA filed a fresh suit against the Church of the Holy Ascension which was dismissed with prejudice by the Superior Court of New Jersey in June 2008. Shortly thereafter, the UOC-USA filed an appeal.
August 19, 2009, Superior Court of New Jersey has dismissed UOC-USA’s appeal.

Archbishop Antony then filed a Petition with the New Jersey Supreme Court on September 9, 2009 to dismiss the Superior Court’s decision.
On December 9, 2009, the Supreme Court of New Jersey to Archbishop Antony:

  PETITION DENIED!  Case closed.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA no longer exists.

Metropolitan Constantine(Turkey site), Archbishop Antony,and  Bishop Daniel (UOC site) are listed as hirearchs of the Patriarchate of Constantinople at the
Episcopal Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops,  May 2010
and not as hirearchs of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of USA.
Attendee List                           Список Учасників
Please Read              Просимо Прочитати Українською

In the mean time Patriarch Bartholomew is given the red carpet *  treatment by President Medvedev and
Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow.

Near the end of the visit   Patriarch Bartholomew called on all Ukrainian “dissenters”  to
joint the Moscow Patriarchate.

*We hope it has not escaped your notice that Medvedev is on the throne and the Patriarchs are on the sides and in another photo the Patriarchs are two steps behind him. Just to make it symbolically clear that the church is subservient to the state, as always.


Мирослав Смородський, 19 лютого 2010р.

August 19, 2009. Superior Court of New Jersey dismisses UOC-USA’s appeal.
The court’s decision:  

” We conclude the UOC-USA, as a matter of law, is not entitled to the relief requested in its complaint or on appeal.
The order dismissing the complaint is affirmed.”
The court also stated:
“…there is no dispute that Holy Ascension and not the UOC-USA
has title to the property…”
19 серпня 2009, рішення Вищого Суду штату Нью-Джерзі:
“Заключаємо що УПЦ-США, по закону, не має права на допомогу [від суду] у своїй скарзі або на апеляцію.
Наказ відхилення скарги підтверджується.”
Суд також заявив:
“…немає спору, що Церква Святого Вознесіння, а не УПЦ-США,
має право власності на майно…”

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