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March 11 – Third Sunday of Lent, which is the Veneration of the Cross. On the eve, on Saturday, during the evening’s worship, the Cross was decorated with flowers for its commemoration. This Sunday is held activities to the days of memory of Taras Shevchenko. After the completion of the liturgy, the rector of the temple […] Read more...

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Parishioners and friends of our church have been collecting humanitarian aid for needy children, the veterans and the elderly in Ukraine for several consecutive months. This month was no exception, everyone and then attached to charity. We jointly managed to collect four packages that we sent today through the Dnipro company, which always makes us […] Read more...

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During the four days of the first week of the Great Lent in our temple, the penitent canon of Andrew Cretan with bows. It is important that many Christians took part in the joint prayer. On Thursday, the last day of reading the canon was the largest number of participants. Many thanks for singing and […] Read more...

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