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We condemn the brutal use of force against civilians, – Filaret

In a statement on the events of November 30, 2013 in Kiev, Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine Filaret condemned the brutal use of force against civilians. Below – a full statement.

Dear compatriots!
Dear brothers and sisters!

Today, our society is experiencing one of the most difficult moments of modern history, so the Church can not silently stand apart.

The events of previous months and weeks are convincing that the vast majority of our fellow citizens support the European integration of Ukraine. In defense of their aspirations, they went out to public mass actions. These actions were generally peaceful and non-violent, to which our Church and other churches and religious organizations also called for citizens.

The Kyivan Patriarchate, together with the Ukrainian people, supported and continues to support European integration and sees the future of Ukraine in the circle of independent states of the united Europe.

After the beginning of massive civil actions, we have repeatedly appealed to law enforcement agencies and other representatives of the state with the call to provide citizens guaranteed by the Constitution the right to peacefully express their position. Unfortunately, this call was not heard.

The night of November 30, with the use of brutal violence, the participants of the action were expelled from Independence Square. The cadres of this event are reminiscent of July 18, 1995, when the force was applied to the funeral of Patriarch Volodymyr (Romanyuk).

As the Church, we morally condemn the brutal use of force against civilians, which took place today on the capital’s Independence Square. We also urge all – especially the police, but also public participants, to prevent further increases in violence.

Maybe it is this – the unfolding of a great civil conflict and the split of the country, the destruction of our statehood – they are seeking those forces that at all costs seek to prevent Ukraine’s integration with a united Europe.

The future is unknown to us. But we want everyone to know: the Kyivan Patriarchate – with the Ukrainian people. No matter what the tests are waiting for.

According to the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ, prayer has a great ability to destroy the power and intrigues of the devil. Therefore, right now, among other things, the prayer of Ukraine, the preservation of our common home from devastating hostility, is especially needed. To this intensified prayer, I appeal to all believers.

With a heavy heart, but with a firm hope for the Lord’s mercy and help, I speak with you: “Great God, One, keep us Ukraine!”

I call upon the whole Ukrainian people a blessing of God!

Filaret, Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine

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